What are the Benefits of hiring an outside company for my bookkeeping?

  • Less expensive vs. employee costs (salary, benefits, training, turnover)
  • Decreased accounting costs due to increased accuracy of books overall with experienced bookkeepers
  • Allows you time to focus on the success of your business
  • We firmly believe that clients who entrust their accounting to us are more successful as they have the time and energy to focus on what they do best… let us do what we do best and your company will reap the benefits!

What are your fees?
Our fees are based on the complexity of the account.  We strive to give you the best service possible in the most efficient manner. We offer a free initial hour consultation, so please contact us with any inquiries or questions to see if we are a match for your accounting needs.

Do I have to sign a contract?
No. Most of what we do is based in trust with us and in you as a client, so we work with an agreement. If at any time you’re not happy with our services, we will do our utmost to correct things or you are free to stop using our services.

How do I submit my documents to you?
We prefer to receive either the originals from you directly, or have your banks, vendors or others mail directly, a secondary is to send by fax. Original documents we receive are returned to you, organized in file folders, ready for storage, after annual tax filings are completed.  We are flexible and will work out all the details together when you first start using our services. We also give new clients a ‘check off list’ that helps organize what is needed to start.

Does Bookkeeping Plus+ replace my CPA?
No. We prepare all reports and work closely with your CPA for end of year tax reporting, mid-year reviews, estimated tax payment, etc. If you currently have a CPA, we will work with both of you as a part of your team to make sure your interests are handled properly.  We have many CPAs that we work with all the time.  We also have associates in other financial sectors to help assist your company however it’s needed.

Is my information secure and confidential?
Yes.  Our number one goal is to surpass every client’s expectation with Service, Quality and Respect.  We guarantee our client’s information is safe and secure. We have a standard non-disclosure statement to offer, or we are willing to review and use yours if needed.


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