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QuickBooks Online Bookkeeping Services was created to make accounting simpler for small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and churches, but users quickly discover that accounting is easier said than done. Federal and state tax laws can be confusing, and the penalties for making mistakes born of inexperience can be incredibly costly for businesses and organizations. CPAs hired by QuickBooks Online Bookkeeping Services  users during tax season sometime find that their clients’ books are more disordered than ever. For some, the software creates more problems than it solves.

In response to users’ complaints, Intuit has contracted with expert bookkeepers and experienced accountants who offer real-time support to answer those thorny questions that just can’t wait until tax season. Bookkeeping Plus + is one such contractor. All of our bookkeepers are reliable professionals who have more than a decade of experience in QuickBooks Online Bookkeeping Services, and we can help users navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of online bookkeeping.

At Bookkeeping Plus +, we offer all of the following support services for QuickBooks Online Bookkeeping Services:

  • QuickBooks Online set-up
  • Banking set-up
  • Company set-up
  • TSheets set-up (for tracking employee hours)
  • Account management
  • Training for primary and secondary users
  • Income and expenses reports
  • Employee and payroll taxes
  • Inventory and projects
  • Invoices
  • Payment collections
  • General technical support.

Savvy entrepreneurs take advantage of the entire QuickBooks Online ecosystem, and we can help explain how the various parts interact. We also offer our clients real-time access to their company books and financial reports.

Bookkeeping Plus + is a trusted partner of Intuit QuickBooks, so if you need assistance with your QuickBooks Online account, please contact our experienced QuickBooks Online bookkeepers. Our accounting knowledge is second to none, so if you need QuickBooks Online Bookkeeping Services help, we’re here to answer all of your questions.


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